Keeping the Passion in Science & Math Alive

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Chi Beta Phi membership is a symbol of high achievement in the sciences. Participation in the Honorary is recognized by potential employers and graduate schools as an indication of leadership in science. Grants are available to members on a competitive basis to support research. Membership provides members with an opportunity to present the results of their research at the National Convention and publish their findings in The Chi Beta Phi Record.

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Guidelines for new chapter formation

A science club or group in an accredited, four-year, degree-granting college or university may apply for charter membership in the organization. As is hereinafter provided, the Board of Directors must approve each application by unanimous vote before a charter can be granted. When an application for a charter is made, the prospective chapter must submit to the Treasurer the following:

  • 1 The Petition for Chapter Establishment; The form must be completed in its entirety.
  • 2 A letter from the President of the institution stating that the chapter, if established, will be recognized by the administration. This shall be attached to the form.
  • 3 A remittance of the chapter charter fee ($50.00) and the lifetime membership fee ($35.00) of each person on the form comprising the charter membership. This is to be enclosed with the form.

Upon receipt and approval of the Form for Chapter Establishment, the Treasurer shall so inform the remaining Board members. The President will contact the applicant chapter with congratulations and to offer his/her assistance if needed. Upon unanimous approval of the Board of Directors, the President will direct the Treasurer to prepare the Charter and membership certificates for issuance to the new chapter. The Charter and certificates will be provided to the Installation Officer for presentation at the formal installation of the chapter.

Upon approval, the President will also determine an Installation Officer, who will then arrange with the new chapter the date and details for the formal installation. Immediately following the installation, the installing officer will submit a descriptive report of the installation to the Vice-President for publication in the Chi Beta Phi Record. The installing officer will also inform all other Board members of the completion of the installation.

The Installation Officer will assure that the new chapter has in its possession the National Constitution, the suggested Chapter Constitution, and any other literature deemed pertinent.

If the application for chapter establishment is not approved by the Board of Directors, the President shall instruct the Treasurer to remit all fees submitted by the applicant.

The President shall request from the board of Directors a vote on the petition of each prospective chapter. The Directors shall then report to the President, a unanimous vote being necessary for the granting of a charter.

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Guidelines for Chapter Reactivation

  • 1 A faculty member (or two) willing to serve as Advisor (or co-advisors) should contact the National Board indicating a desire to reactivate the chapter once chartered at that institution. The mailing address and other contact information (email, phone, fax) must be provided to the Board.
  • 2 The Advisor must obtain a letter from the administration of the college or university (President, Vice-President, Student Life Director, Dean, etc.) indicating that the administration will recognize the Chi Beta Phi chapter and that the chapter will be granted the appropriate rights and privileges of other organizations at the institution. The letter must be submitted to the National Board.
  • 3 The Advisor must obtain a group of science students willing to constitute the initial membership of the chapter. They should determine (by vote, unanimous agreement, or appointment by the Advisor) the officer positions of President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Other offices (Historian, PR Officer, Marshall, etc.) may also be determined if desired, but the four positions above should be put in place. The names and addresses of the officers are to be provided to the National Board.

    If the number of students initially interested and indicating a desire to be active is few, one person might serve in dual roles (e.g., Secretary/Treasurer, etc.). The group should attempt to generate interest in other qualified students to fill positions and increase the active stability of the chapter.

    Membership qualifications are to have twenty hours in the sciences and a GPA of 3.0 in the sciences. The overall GPA varies somewhat among different chapters, some requiring 3.0 and some allowing a bit lower. The sciences include Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics, and Computer Sciences. Some chapters include Psychology.
  • 4 The Advisor, officers, and other members should determine the frequency of meetings and so indicate to the National Board. This is to assure the chapter has organization and intent.
  • 5 The Advisor and chapter members should meet to discuss and establish their Chapter Constitution. If the original chapter constitution is not available, a suggested constitution is provided by the National Board. The Chapter Handbook should be reviewed. These reviews should provide familiarity with Chi Beta Phi.
  • 6 The lifetime membership fee ($35.00) for each member should be submitted to the National Treasurer. This must be accompanied by a list of the members' names as they wish them printed on their membership certificates. Upon receipt of the dues and names, certificates will be printed and mailed to the Advisor. Chapter dues (amount and frequency) are determined by the chapter.
  • 7 There is no fee for the reactivation of a chapter.
  • 8 It is strongly urged that initial meetings address plans for future activities and plans for the chapter (campus activities, fund-raising, guest speakers, induction rituals, etc.). The group should also seriously consider providing a delegate for the National Conference. There is no limit on the number who can attend from a chapter, but the National Constitution states that each chapter has an obligation and responsibility to provide a delegate to the conference. The National Conference is held at a different chapter each year. The chapter may wish to consider being the host chapter some year.
  • 9 If there are questions or problems, the Advisor or officer should contact a Board member as soon as possible. The National Board is the governing body of Chi Beta Phi, but its principal function is to provide support to the constituent chapters.